Collection & Delivery of Specimen/Blood/Medication from Lab

  • Express Service 8.30am – 10.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding PH)
    • Respond and deliver within 1.5hrs
  • Express Service 8.30am – 5.00pm Sat, Sun & PH
    • Respond and deliver within 1.5hrs

* Dedicated personnel with HSA certified to transport blood.

* Where indicated, drugs are to be packed into an ice box with temp maintained at 2-8 degree Celsius 

* Cooler box provided

Delivery of Medical Report/ X-ray

  • Delivery of GP Report and Film from Polyclinic.
    • Completed delivery turnaround within the same working day, office hours.
    • Collection of reports come with a security seal and customized courier bag

On time and in full delivery on the service called upon – less than 5 complaints per year.

All documents/parcels are delivered in good condition as received – less than 3 complaints per year.

Rectification of failed/wrong delivery made within 24hours – 100% of re-delivery fulfilled against the total number of failed/wrong delivery made